Professional experience


During my 11 months of industrial experience from July 2018 to May 2019 working at Kingslake, I was involved in multiple projects. Primarily working on a new project the company planned to developed, I worked under the supervision of Mr. Sumedha Wijeratne (Data Protection Officer). I was also lucky enough to get the opportunity to dip my feet in other areas of the industry.

Listed on the right are some of the areas of work I undertook while at Kingslake.


A cloud based security and compliance management software.

Design - Requirements were gathered and the necessary UML diagrams were drawn up to map the system.

Develop - Based on the mappings created, the system was developed using Rollbase, a Rapid Application Development platform used across the company.

Test - The system was populated with real world information to test functionalities and the practicality of the system. An independant team was involved in the testing process aswell.

Marketing - Created marketing material to assist in pushing the product into the market. A presentation was also staged to enlighten Kinglake staff on GDPR and it's implications on software.

A lightweight Warehouse Management System by Kingslake.
-Performed a comprehensive review of the system and following multiple brainsotrming sessions, provided a report introducing innovative methods to improve the funcionalities and user experience of the system.
-Participated in the creation of a User Guide video covering the entire system.

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Academic/Professional Qualifications

Informatics Institute of Technology

BSc (Hons) in Business Information Systems - (Currently Following)


Association of Certified Chartered Accountants - (Currently Following)

Belvoir College International

IGCSE Ordinary Level (Jun 2014)